TN Phone Net Schedule

Early Morning Net:

Monday 0540 KD4DHC, “DAVE’
Tuesday 0540 KD4DHC, “DAVE’
Wednesday 0540 KD4DHC, “DAVE’
Thursday 0540 K4CMY, “TOM”
Friday 0540 K4CMY, “TOM”
Central Time

Morning Net:

Monday 0645 W4SQE, “ANDY”
Tuesday 0645 NY4O “WHEATIE”
Wednesday 0645 NY4O “WHEATIE”
Thursday 0645 AD4LP, “JACK”
Friday 0645 N4UHZ, “JIM”
Saturday 0800 WA4VVX, “DAVID”
Sunday 0800 WA4VVX, “DAVID”
Central time


  • Holidays are covered same as week days (same people, same days) except one net meets at 0800.
  • Net Manager for the Early and Regular morning nets  is NY4O  “WHEATIE”.  615-595-0378 or 615-788-0042 (c),
  • KD4DHC, Dave calls the net from Toronto, KS in summer and from Avon Park, FL in winter.

Evening Net:

Monday 630 PM WA4VVX, “DAVID”
Tuesday 630 PM AD4LP, “JACK”
Wednesday 630 PM KJ4WS, “WADE”
Thursday – Saturday 630 PM KB4VEL “GERRY”


Evening Net Manager is KB4VEL “GERRY”   No evening net on Holidays.

If you need more information, just let me know.



Wheatie / NY4O


2 Responses to TN Phone Net Schedule

  1. Jim Haire says:

    I also do the Saturday morning nets..I guess Dave and I switch so much it’s confusing. No biggy Wheatie. Just rattlin your chain. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Wade Staggs says:

    The schedule is in bad need of an update. It has always been a Pleasure and Privilege for me personally, to call my scheduled Nets. All of the folks involved are Great people and skilled operators. With me as the exception. Thank You All. And thanks to the ARRL for keeping these traditions going.
    73 es Wade/KJ4WS

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